Road Test











Book online, or at any one of our locations by phone or in person.

In order to secure a booking by phone a valid email address and phone number is required, and payment must be made with VISA or MasterCard. Bookings at the registry can be paid by cash, debit or credit card.

Important information:

We offer road tests for all license classes, 1 through 6.
All road tests must be scheduled in advance.
You must supply a vehicle with valid insurance and registration.
*All Payments Made To Secure Bookings Are Non-Refundable. Appointments May Be Rescheduled With 2 Full Business Days Notice*

Vehicle safety standards required for a road test:

  1. Lights: working brake lights, head lights, and signal lights.
  2. Horn: working horn.
  3. Speedometer: working speedometer.
  4. Brakes: park brakes and moving brakes must be in good working condition.
  5. Windshield: must provide unobstructed view.
  6. Tires: must have safe tread wear and safe rims.
  7. Seats: the driver’s and examiner’s seats must be securely fastened and have working seat belts.
  8. Steering: must not have excessive play.
  9. Exhaust: no exhaust system leaks.
  10. Mirrors: adequate side view and rear view mirrors.
  11. Fuel: enough fuel for a 60 min road test.

The driver examiner will inspect the vehicle for each of the above items prior to conduction the road test. If the vehicle is not deemed to be safe your road test will be cancelled and a loss of your fees will result.

*Note: All cancellations and re-bookings are at the sole discretion of the driver examiner.