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“We offer a wide variety of products and services and are capable of processing any of your licensing
or registry needs. Our customers include corporations, business owners and individuals.”

Maintaining your
Family Reports

Vital Statistics

  • Vital Statistics Certificates
    Vital Statistics Certificates

    Certificates must be ordered in person by someone authorized to do so as indicated on the second page of the application form. Identification must be shown.

  • Birth Certificates
    Birth Certificates

    The new Alberta birth certificate is a primary piece of identification that may be ordered for anyone born in Alberta.

  • Death Certificates
    Death Certificates

    A death certificate is a record issued for a deceased person.

  • Marriage Certificates
    Marriage Certificates

    An Alberta marriage certificate provides proof of the marriage of two individuals within Alberta.

  • Marriage Licences
    Marriage Licences

    A Marriage Licence is a document authorizing two individuals to marry in Alberta within 90 days of the date of issue.
    Requirements: You must apply in person. Both parties must have acceptable identification and, if applicable, a final divorce certificate.

  • Legal Name Changes
    Legal Name Changes

    A legal name change changes given or surnames by replacing, adding or removing a name. Please come into our office for the required booklet should you wish to do this.
    Additional information about motor vehicle services may be found here.

Other Services
  • Commissioner of Oaths
    Commissioner of Oaths

    Staff at Abbey Road Registries Ltd. are able to commission many documents. Please note that all documents must be completed but are not to be signed until commissioned.

    Requirements: Completed documents, acceptable identification such as a driver’s licence or passport.

  • Out of Province Services
    Out of Province Services

    We are able to provide the following out of province services:

    Canada: federal annual returns and corporate searches, federal NUANS reservations and trademark inquiry reports

    All Canadian provinces: lien and corporate searches, corporate name reservations BC and Saskatchewan – most personal property registrations and land title searches

Buying or Owning a

Motor Vehicle Services

  • Registering and Renewing Your Vehicle / Plates
    Registering Your Vehicle

    You can renew your vehicle registration, transfer your plate or register a new vehicle at Abbey Road Registries Ltd. When you move to Alberta, you must register your vehicle within 90 days. However, if you are a permanent resident outside of Alberta and working in Alberta, then there is a maximum 183 day limit before vehicle registration becomes mandatory. See Request for Inspection.

    Requirements: Proof of ownership, New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) if brand new, insurance, identification, and, if the vehicle was last registered other than in Alberta, an out of province inspection, and, if imported, federal Form 1.

  • Driver’s Licences
    Driver’s Licences

    There are seven different classes of driver’s licences. You can renew your licence, apply for a duplicate if you have changed your address or lost your licence, or exchange your out-of province licence. We offer knowledge tests for all classes and road tests for classes 4, 5, and 6.

    Requirements: Please see the Alberta government’s website for complete information.

  • Alberta Identification Cards
    Alberta Identification Cards

    An ID Card can be issued to any Alberta resident 12 years of age or older who does not have a current driver’s licence. It is used as a primary form of government issued photo identification, and is proof of Alberta residency.

    Requirements: See Service Alberta’s website.

  • Driver’s Abstracts
    Driver’s Abstracts

    An abstract shows one’s driving history within Alberta for 3, 5 or 10 years. It may be needed if you are moving to a new jurisdiction, applying for a job or changing insurance companies. Professional drivers may choose to have a Commercial Driver Abstract issued instead.

    Requirements: You must apply in person and will need your licence. See Service Alberta’s website for procedures if you are living out of province.

  • Disabled Placards
    Disabled Placards

    A Disabled Placard is issued to a person who is unable to walk over 50 metres due to disability. With a disabled placard, a vehicle may be parked in designated areas while the disabled person is out of the vehicle.

    Requirements: Bring in your application completed by a doctor or physical or occupational therapist, along with your licence or identification card.

  • Fine Payments
    Fine Payments

    We can process current fines (bring in the fine notice before it is due) and overdue fines (these appear on your file and must be paid before operator and vehicle services can be processed). Please note that a service charge is applicable if fines are paid through a registry agent rather than at a courthouse.

    Requirements: Original of current fine, or driver’s licence for overdue fines.

  • Knowledge & Road Tests
    Knowledge & Road Tests

    We offer knowledge testing for all classes as well as road tests for classes 4, 5 and 6. Click For More Road Test Information

    Requirements: See Service Alberta website.

  • In Transit Permits
    In Transit Permits

    An in-transit permit is required if an unregistered vehicle is travelling or being moved within Canada, originating from or coming into Alberta. They may also be issued for insured but unregistered vehicles requiring servicing.

    Requirements: Insurance, identification, and, if travelling out of the province, proof of ownership.

  • Personalized Licence Plates
    Personalized Licence Plate

    A personalized licence plate holds up to seven numbers or letters.

    Requirements: Come in with your identification to order these, which will be mailed out to you.

  • Vehicle Information Reports
    Vehicle Information Reports

    A vehicle information report shows the status of an Alberta vehicle, registration history and the number of liens.

    Requirements: VIN of vehicle.

  • Request for Inspection Out of Province or Write off
    Request for Inspection (Out of Province or Write off)

    Vehicles last registered in a jurisdiction other than Alberta require an out-of-province inspection before being registered. Vehicles with a “salvage” status must undergo an inspection before they can be registered as “rebuilt”.

    Requirements: Out of Province: Proof of ownership, federal Form 1 if not previously registered in Canada.

Personal Property

Land Titles

  • Land Title Documents
    Land Title Documents

    Documents such as mortgages registered against a property can be printed while you wait.

    Requirements: Document number.

  • Land Title Searches
    Land Title Searches

    Land title searches list the registered owner(s) of the property and documents such as mortgages and caveats registered against the property.

    Requirements: Legal land description (we can obtain legals for addresses in Edmonton, St. Albert and some other municipalities for an extra charge).

Personal Property Registry

  • Lien Searches
    Lien Searches

    Lien searches show liens registered against a person, business or vehicle.

    Requirements: Name of person or company, or vehicle identification number.

  • Personal Property Registrations
    Completed Financing Statement or Garage Keeper’s Lien Form

    Personal property registrations such as security agreements and garage keepers liens are registered at the personal property registry to show the creditor’s interest in the debtor’s property.

    Requirements: Completed Financing Statement/Garage Keeper’s Lien Form.

  • Lien Amendment
    Completed Verification Statement from Original Registration

    Liens may be amended, renewed or discharged by the creditor/secured party.

    Requirements: Completed Form.

  • Writ of Enforcement
    Writ of Enforcement

    Writs are filed in court and then registered at PPR.

    Requirements: Filed writ stamped by the court.

Alberta Health Care
  • Alberta Health Care Cards
    Alberta Health Care Services Available:

    • New Account Creations (Temporary Card issued during service)
    • Account Changes (Address, Temporary Absences, etc)
    • Dependant Additions or Deletions
    • Duplicate Card Requests
    • Blue Cross Non-Group Coverage (Starts/Stops)
    • Validate age for Senior’s Coverage
    • Palliative Care Information
    • MS Drug Coverage Information
    • Premium Subsidy Information
    • Out of the Country Expense Claims Available

Operating a

Corporate Registry

  • Incorporations

    We register Alberta named and numbered corporations. An Alberta based NUANS report is required if you want to incorporate a named corporation.

    Requirements: Articles of Incorporation, Notice of Address, Notice of Directors, identification.

  • Trade Name
    Declaration of Trade Name/Partnership

    Trade names and partnerships register the fact that individual(s) or corporation(s) are carrying on business under a name other than their own.

    Requirements: Declaration of Trade Name/Partnership, identification.

  • Corporate Searches
    Corporate Searches

    A corporate search provides a summary of information including a corporation’s address and the names and addresses of all directors and shareholders reported to Corporate Registry. Trade names and partnerships may also be searched and list the owner or partners and their addresses as well as the line of business the company is in. Historical corporate searches list company information as of a historical date.

    Requirements: Name of corporation, trade name or partnership.

  • Corporate Name Changes
    Corporate Name Changes

    You may change your named corporation’s name to a numbered name or another name, and a numbered corporation to a named corporation.

    Requirements: NUANS if changing to a named corporation, Articles of Amendment form.

  • Certificates of Status
    Certificates of Status

    Sometimes referred to as “certificates of good standing” or “certificates of compliance” a certificate of status provides the status, for example, “active” of your corporation. Historical certificates of status are also available.

    Requirements: Name of corporation.

  • Annual Returns
    Annual Returns

    Annual returns are required by the government of Alberta for Alberta and extra-provincial corporations. You will receive the form by mail before your anniversary month.

    Requirements: Completed annual return form and identification.

    Notice Filing: We can file changes of address for directors and corporations, as well as changes of directors, and, for extra-provincial corporations, change of attorney.

  • Extra-Provincial Registrations
    Extra-Provincial Registrations

    If you are registered federally or in another province, you are required to register your corporation in Alberta as well if you are carrying on business here.

    Requirements: Certified charter documents from your home jurisdiction, Notice of Attorney and Extra-Provincial Registration forms

  • Continuing In or Out of Alberta
    Continuing In or Out of Alberta

    We can assist you if you wish to continue your Alberta corporation out of the province, or wish to continue your out of province corporation into Alberta.

  • Revival of Corporations
    Revival of Corporations

    If your corporation has been voluntarily dissolved or struck by the government for failure to file two annual returns, your corporation must be revived if you wish to continue to carry on business in the province.

    Requirements: Articles of Revival, Annual Returns for each year that was not filed, and, if applicable, Notice of Address and/or Notice of Director’s Address.

  • Corporate Seals
    Corporate Seals

    A corporate seal is a desk seal used to imprint documents with a company’s name.

    Requirements: Name of corporation.

  • Minute Books
    Minute Books

    A minute book is a binder with documents including the certificate of incorporation, share certificates, by-laws and ledgers prepared upon incorporation. We can prepare your minute book upon incorporation, and also sell the binder with inserts should you wish to prepare your own.

    Requirements: Incorporation documents, information on initial shareholders.

  • NUANS Reports
    NUANS Reports

    A NUANS report (newly upgraded automated name search) compares a proposed name to pre-existing corporate names and trademarks for similar names. An Alberta NUANS reserves the name for 90 days. An Alberta trade name NUANS is optional, but suggested, for trade names and partnerships, and will list similar names to be considered before registration. We also provide reservations for federal corporations and other provinces and territories. We will pre-screen your proposed name to check that it is likely to be available before running the report.

    Requirements: Proposed name.